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Eyebrows make a dramatic difference to a face. Not only do Eyebrows provide a frame for the face but it is often regarded as a person’s most recognizable feature.

Permanent eyeliner accentuates the eyes and automatically makes lashes look fuller and thicker. It is particularly advantageous for contact lens wearers or others with sensitivity/allergy concerns.

Your makeup is never complete without a gorgeous lip colour. Lips can be done to give a natural enhancement with a very slight tint with or without a border or for the more dramatic a full lipstick look.

Focusing on tattoo removal, our laser treatments use beams of light to target any damaged or foreign cells in the skin, resulting in the cells dying and the foreign cells diminishing.

BrowGinering Training

Interested in learning how to become a permanent makeup artist? Using my expert knowledge and years of training and experience, I am able to teach you all the in's and out's of the industry.

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