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Course Overview

PMU Fundamental course

Dear course participants, I’m so excited to be able to welcome you to this PMU Fundamental course, that I will believe establish an incredible foundation for your future career in this beautiful creative and transformational career.

In the first module we’ll be looking at a broad overview of this ever-developing industry, including the bodies that regulate our practices, and the ethics we aspire to as professionals.

All course formalities and our expectations of you are covered in the literature, but if you do ever have any questions, please feel free to ask. But for now, let’s dive into Module 1 – we’ve got a lot of ground to cover!

Module 1: Learning Outcomes (LO)

Module 1 serves as an introduction to this Permanent Make Up (PMU) course presented by experienced, professional PMU specialist Zanie Scholtz of BrowGinering.

While the course is comprehensive it is also up to each student to consult other resources, some of which are recommended within each module. It is also important that the student is discerning in terms of the information sources they consult.

The most important learning outcomes (LO) for this module are listed below:

  1. LO1: Qualification requirements
  2. LO2: What is PMU
  3. LO3: Who regulates PMU
  4. LO4: Code of Ethics
  5. LO5: Glossary of Industry Terms
Module 2: Medical Aspect - Part 1

Module 2 Part 1 serves as an introduction to the first aspect of PMU, which is the Medical Aspect. The potential health hazards, medical considerations and ethics associated with PMU require a good understanding of standard industry practices, as well as the underlying reasons for these. Therefore the medical aspects covered in this module form an essential foundation for a PMU specialist being able to practice their art safely.

The most important learning outcomes (LO) for this module are listed below:

  1. LO1: Understanding PMU risks and health and safety practices
  2. LO2: Understanding cross-contamination and bloodborne pathogens
  3. LO3: Contra-indications associated with PMU
  4. LO4: Understanding medical conditions that influence PMU results
  5. LO5: The different skin types and tones and how they influence PMU outcome
  6. LO6: Understanding morphology and facial structures, and how these impact the
    PMU procedure
Module 2: Medical Aspect - Part 2

As a PMU specialist you will be working with the largest organ of the body – the skin. Therefore it is prudent to gain a good understanding of the anatomy of the skin i.e. our canvas. This second section of the module on the MEDICAL ASPECT of PMU focuses on understanding the skin, its layers and their various functions.

The most important learning outcome (LO) for this module is:

  1. LO1: Familiarity and insight into the complexities of the human skin
Module 3: Technical Aspect

Module 3 serves as the theoretical introduction to the second aspect of PMU, which is the Technical Aspect. This will provide a good fundamental knowledge base with regard to understanding PMU tools and how to use them. Implementing this knowledge i.e. the relevant techniques will be covered in a practical module (workbooks) later in the course.

The most important learning outcomes (LO) for this module are listed below:

  1. LO1: Knowledge of different types of machines/devices
  2. LO2: Knowledge of needles and needle configurations
  3. LO3: Understanding the importance of angle, depth and speed
  4. LO4: Insight into the various Danger Zones in the PMU procedures
Module 4: Chemical Aspect - Part 1

Our choice of pigment colours in PMU has the largest influence on the result of our procedures, and Module 4 covers the theory of this all-important topic i.e., the chemical aspect of PMU. A good grasp of permanent cosmetic colour theory and ultimately hands-on practice is key to your success as a PMU specialist.

The basis of all colour theory is the interplay of the three primary colours, and the way these are merged into secondary and tertiary colours (for PMU pigments). Key to understanding PMU colour theory is understanding the skin and its properties, and how it will react with the pigment to generate the healed colour.

The most important learning outcomes (LO) for this module are listed below:

  1. LO1: Understanding basic colour theory
  2. LO2: Understanding PMU colour theory (including skin types and undertones)
  3. LO3: Knowledge of the composition of pigments and how they interact with the skin
Module 4: Chemical Aspect - Part 2

In the first part of Module 4 you have learned about colour theory, the colours used in PMU as well as the composition of pigments and how they interact with the skin. Part two explores some of the “chemical aspect” scenarios that you may encounter in your career as a PMU.

The most important learning outcomes (LO) for this module are listed below:

  1. LO1: How to approach colour correction
  2. LO2: The importance of aftercare
  3. LO3: How to approach PMU removal
  4. LO4: A reminder of the role of anaesthetics/patient comfort in PMU
Module 5: Physical Aspect

During this Module 5 you will be taught about the various physical aspects of being a PMU specialist – from how to arrange your studio and working environment, through to body placement and seating position; from the various techniques including style of movement, speed and pressure; all the way through to efficiency.

The most important learning outcomes (LO) for this module are listed below:

  1. LO1: Finding your ideal working position and the various aspects, including your grip
    and procedural hand placement.
  2. LO2: Understanding the all-important skin stretching techniques
  3. LO3: Knowledge of the movements used in shading.
Module 6: Creative/Artistic Aspect

During this Module you will learn about the Creative Aspect and how the artform, through its designs/patterns and application to the canvas of the clients face/skin can transform an individual’s appearance. For the purpose of this module we will refer to the PMU specialist as an artist, as essentially, art and creativity is at the heart of PMU. The learning focus will be on eyebrows and the PMU designs/processes for lips and eyeliner will be covered in separate modules.

The most important learning outcomes (LO) for this module are listed below:

  1. LO1: Overall, you will gain insight into the different factors that influence brow
    shapes, as well as the brow shapes that are suitable for your clients.
  2. LO2: You will gain an understanding of asymmetry/symmetry, and the importance of
    this within the PMU field.
  3. LO3: You will be introduced to a range of design tools.
  4. LO4: You will gain an understanding of other factors (facial morphology, physiology,
    psychology) that influence the creative process.
  5. LO5: You will gain an understanding of the role that the Golden Ratio plays in PMU.

Each section will include a brief look at theory, followed by one or more video tutorials, presented by Zanie Scholtz.

Module 7: Learning Outcomes (LO)

Module 7 covers the all-important Ethical aspects of being a PMU specialist, who conducts themselves in an ethical and professional manner. To a large extent the information covered in this module is of an administrative nature.

The most important learning outcomes (LO) for this module are listed below:

  1. LO1: Understanding the full-breadth of your legal and ethical responsibilities as a
    PMU specialist.
  2. LO2: Understanding the requisite documentation/client/consent forms that you will
    need to have while practicing your profession.
  3. LO2: Managing client expectations pre- and post-treatment.
Module 8: Learning Outcomes (LO)

We touched on the Psychological Aspect in Module 6: Creativity, as it is important to consider certain psychological factors and how they influence, for example the shape and design of the eyebrow.

In this Module 8 we will now look at broader psychological aspects a person entering and working in the profession must consider, in their endeavours to build their careers, earn a reputation and build a successful business.

The most important learning outcomes (LO) for this module are listed below:

  1. LO1: Who are your typical clients?
  2. LO2: How to work with clients.
  3. LO3: How (and why) to choose clients.
  4. LO4: Dealing with difficult clients.
  5. LO5: Dealing with clients enduring pain.
  6. LO6: Working for someone else.
  7. LO7: Mentorship and its values.

Each section will include a brief look at theory.

Module 9: Introduction and Learning Outcomes (LO)

Every PMU specialist must put in place a system or set of procedures that form part of their everyday working environment. This ensures consistent service delivery, compliance, safe operations, and a professional approach to their approach to work as well as their engagement with clients. Your protocols will also pull together a lot of the information you have learned in the first 8 modules of this course.

As well as physical processes this also entails having the correct paperwork in place, including a set of terms and conditions that clearly stipulates ‘the rules of engagement’ and contractual obligations.

This formalised approach begins with your appointment policies, and runs through the client consultation and history form, photography, behaviours during the procedure, post the procedure and in ensuing follow up appointments with your client. You must also have a health and safety, including a disinfection protocol in place to prevent cross contamination or the spread of diseases.

The most important learning outcomes (LO) for this module are familiarity with what is required in your protocols, with regards to the areas listed below:

  1. LO1: Appointment policies
  2. LO2: Client consultation
  3. LO3: Client history
  4. LO4: Photography
  5. LO5: The PMU Procedure
  6. LO6: Health and Safety
  7. LO7: Setting up an office

Browginering PMU Kit

Carry Bag

Machine Master Pro

Critical/RCA Cable

Clip Cord Sleeves (50)

Barrier Film (1200)

Kleenex Roll Large

Kleenex Roll Small


Baby Wipes(1pck)




Anaesthetic Medinumb Primary

Anaesthetic Tag 45

Post anti inflammatory cream (biotek)

Brow Sticker(1)

Measuring Tool, Brow String

Measuring Tool, Caliper

Lip Brush

Concealer Brush

Concealer/mapping paste

Practice pads(each)

Gloves (1box)

Brow Pencil white

Brow Pencil Black

Lip Pen

Kidney Bowl

Cotton pads (1pck)

Alcohol swabs (box)


Allergex Drops(1bottle)

Saline Solution(1bottle)

Rubbing Alcohol 90% 500ml

Equipment cleaner (barbicide)473ml



Pigment cups (100)

Pigment cup holder

Brow Pigments(Tina Davies)

Eyeliner Pigment (EvenFlow)

Lip Pigmemts (PermaBlend)

Lip Gaurds(10)

3D Lip Practice

Pigment Mixer

Pigment Rods(10)


Disposable bed covers (10)

Sharps Container


A&D Ointment(25)

Machine Wrap(1200)

Defender Needles(1Box)0,30 3RLL

Kwadron Needle(1Box)0,35 1RLL

Kwadron Needle(1Box)0,30 1RLL

Kwadron Needles(1Box)0,25 1RLL

Total Price
R 23 000
Full Training
R 35 000
Online Training
In-Person Training
All Course Materials
WhatsApp Support Group
WorkBook (Practical Week)
Live Demonstration
R 23 000
Complete PMU Starter Kit
Training & PMU Kit
R 58 000

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