What is hyperrealism brows?


January 9, 2023
What is hyperrealism brows?


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First it was microblading now its hyperrealism brows? In a world that is ever changing and always evolving it is important to stay up to date with the latest technological advances, even if it seems like you’ve only just mastered the last one! Enter hyperrealism brows. One of the most advanced techniques out there, known for its hyper detailed lifelike hairstrokes and ultra-sleek look, its hard to imagine that only a few years ago the best bet for creating eyebrows were getting as much pigment into a solid block and hoping it will stick. We have come a long way in permanent makeup so let us look at what this technique really is and how can you as an artist achieve this.

With the world’s most delicate techniques primarily originating in places like eastern Europe and Russia it’s no surprise that hyperrealism took off there and has since branched out into several different countries with only a few artists worldwide boasting the skills to master it, since it is renowned in its difficulty and intricacy in performing it. 

What makes this technique different to microblading- which uses a handheld tool to make small cut like incisions into the skin, often times causing more trauma to the skin thereby making the technique less sustainable long term, is that the hyperrealism technique is performed using a device which unlike microblading implants the pigment into the papillary dermis with a single needle which is extremely fine in diameter size 0.20mm to be exact, similar to that of an acupuncture needle that the artist uses to create a pattern that weaves and connects the hairs to mimic the growth of a natural eyebrow. This technique relies on the intricacy of connecting hairs in a lifelike manner.

To understand why this technique is so unique in style we must look at the various hairstroke patterns used in creating the distinct hyper realistic eyebrow hair patterns that can range between natural to a more dramatic “W” design. How it differs is by overlapping and intertwining the eyebrow hairs which creates hairstrokes that give different illusions of depth through intensifying certain hairstrokes from dark to light thereby giving it a three-dimensional contrast. With the microblading technique this is simply not possible to achieve this kind of depth since a single hairstroke cannot be intensified through cutting making the hyperrealism implantation technique far more sustainable considering keeping the integrity of the skin is paramount.

Because the pigment can be implanted it is possible to do several passes with different pigment colours to achieve the most realistic results possible. 

Tips on creating hyper realistic brows

  • Study as many different eyebrows as possible. Understanding the direction of growth and where the hairs connect at its most dense part will give you an idea of the dimension and depth that can be created and achieved.
  • Use your machine at a low speed for hairstrokes always working towards yourself. The slower you work the darker the line. The faster you work the lighter the line.
  • The bulb of the brow should always be lighter, and the hairstrokes can be further apart.
  • Shading the hairs at different parts will create the illusion of them coming together creating depth and dimension.

Lastly it is important to execute this technique with the utmost of skill. Do not attempt this without the correct training. It is highly specialised. When done correctly it is one of the most delicate and soft techniques available! Giving you superiority in service at your studio!

Nowadays our clients are more educated through doing their research, so make sure you don’t fall behind and give your clients the best techniques available!

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